2008 Jackson Park Cross – 4a and 4b photos


Beverly Bike Vee Pak - First Appearance at ChiCrossCup

Beverly Bike Vee Pak - First Appearance at ChiCrossCup


Finally!  The last of the photos from Sunday’s cross race at Jackson Park are finished.  I have uploaded 330 pictures from the 4A and 4B races here.  The 4A pictures are merely a continuation… additional 4A pictures are posted with the rest of the photos here.

A few highlights…


Cliff Golz (Pony Shop) - Setting up the Step Through Dismount

Cliff Golz (Pony Shop) - Setting up the Step Through Dismount


xXx Racer - Smiling his way up the hill

xXx Racer - Smiling his way up the hill


Super Crosser!

Super Crosser!


2008 Jackson Park Cross – Photos… almost all finished!

I have 289 pictures posted here for the following categories:

Mens 3, Womens 1/2/3 (photos taken by Cliff!)
Womens 4/ Juniors (photos taken by Cliff!)
Mens 1/2/3
Mens 4A

I still have a few more 4A pictures to work through and the 4B pictures, but unfortunately, I’m an old lady and it’s past my bedtime.  I’ll get the rest up as soon as I can.

2008 Jackson Park Cross

I took way more pictures than I expected.  I guess that’s the curse of having 7 gigs of memory… The trade off is that I have lots of pictures, but its going to take me a while to work through them all and get them posted.  Sorry!  I hope you can be patient.

The good news!  I took the most pictures of the Masters race, and those are now posted.  Check ’em out!  Hopefully I’ll be able to get the rest posted tomorrow night.

Lou Kuhn, Pony Shop

Lou Kuhn, Pony Shop

Posing for the Camera

Ken Dorado (Get-a-Grip): Posing for the Camera

Racing tomorrow.

When I’m just taking pictures at a race, it’s so much easier to get ready the night before.  Camera?  Check.  Battery charged?  Check.  OK, I’m ready to go.

But, I’m racing tomorrow, which means I have more stuff to pack up.  Camera? Check. Battery charged? Check. Helmet? Clothes? Shoes? Wait, what if it’s cold?…Shorts or knickers?  Eh, just throw it all in the bag and call it good.  

I have a fancy new monopod that Pat bought for me as thanks from the team for my photos.  I have to remember to pack that up, too.  What else am I forgetting?

Good luck tomorrow, everyone!  And, be sure to check back here (or CBR, if Luke is so kind as to link to me) for pictures from the Jackson Park race.  I’ll try to get them posted as soon as I can…

Cross practice!

I stopped by cross practice today on my way home from work.  I watched the group go through the course a couple of times and then Lou stopped by and offered to set up some barriers for me to practice on.  PVC barriers are so much LESS intimidating to me than the wooden barriers that they use in the races.  I was surprised to find that I did okay getting on and off the bike and I even managed to run over the barriers.  Last year, I was lucky if I could lift my bike high enough to get it over the barriers!

It’s rare that I’m in front of the camera, but Lou took a picture as proof that two girls showed up to practice on the same day.  🙂

Photo courtesy of Lou Kuhn, Pony Shop

On my way home from work tonight, the Wednesday night group ride rode by going the other way.  I was surprised to see one person without a helmet.  Why anyone would ride a bike without a helmet is beyond my comprehension (especially when riding on the road and at the speeds that these guys go!).  I hope he rethinks that in the future, but somehow I doubt it.  I remember when Cliff and I rode a few times in Michigan (back in the day) and he made fun of me for wearing a helmet.  Eventually, he, too, got a helmet and now can’t believe he ever rode without one.  People!  Wear helmets!

Branching Out.

I went to a bridal shower for friends the other day, and took my camera along.  I have spent very little time taking pictures of anything other than cycling, so I had very low expectations.  But, with a little help from Aperture, the pictures came out surprisingly well!



Cutting the Cake.

Cutting the Cake.


On nice days, I take my bike to work on the train and then ride it home.  On days like today, when it’s raining, I drive to and from work.  On the way to work, I take the Edens to 41; however, in the evening, traffic backs up and moves really slowly.  To save myself at least fifteen minutes of commuting time on the way home, I drive the route that I ride, taking Sheridan and St. John’s most of the way.  

Today, while driving home, I realized how different the route looks from a car versus a bike.  When biking, I know almost every curve and hill.  I know where to slow down, the spots where I’m likely to run into traffic, and I notice most of the street signs along the way.  When driving, I’m too focused on the car in front of me to really notice the street signs or how much time I’ve spent on any particular stretch of road.  For instance, Westleigh Rd from Lake Forest College doesn’t seem that long on my bike because I know it so well.  But, in my car, I realize I’ve been on Westleigh for what feels like a long time before rounding the bend at the old Barat College campus.  I sometimes find myself worried that I made a wrong turn somewhere because I wasn’t paying as close attention as I probably should have.

If I’m not paying close attention, and I know how dangerous that can be for cyclists, what about all of those other drivers out there who may be paying even less attention and have absolutely no regard for cyclists on the road?  That’s a scary thought!  I really need to start paying better attention behind the wheel, and I can only hope that others are doing the same.