Winter is my least favorite season.  Every time I move, I try to move somewhere warm, but it just never seems to happen.  Thankfully, it’s gotten better over the years: Alaska to Mass. to Minnesota to Chicago.  Okay, I guess “better” is relative and it all depends on the year.  Anyways, once winter sets in and the days start getting shorter and the darkness comes earlier and stays later, I have a really hard time motivating myself to do much of anything.  If I’m lucky, I can roll my ass out of bed in time to hit the gym before work.  More often than not, though, I stay in bed and barely drag my butt out in time to just barely get to work on time.

This winter, I hope, will be different.  I enjoy my job a lot more this year than I did last year (let’s face it, I was pretty miserable last year) and so far, I enjoy getting up to go to work each morning.  Hopefully that feeling will carry me through the winter.  And, I’ve never been much of a winter sports person, but this year I hope to try out cross country skiing.  I followed Junebug as she blogged about cross country skiing and it sounds like a good time, and a great work out.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll make it through the winter a little easier if I can find something active that I actually enjoy doing in the snow and cold.  We’ll see.

Cross season starts in a week, I think.  I need to look at a calendar to be sure.  I haven’t been able to go to cross practice because of my commute, but I hope to stop by tomorrow night on my way home from work.  I’ll have slicks on, rather than knobbies, but I can at least watch and try to learn as the guys go through the course.  On Sunday, Cliff taught me how to do the step through dismount!  I’m not early comfortable enough to expect to do it well in a race, but I’m going to keep on practicing.