2010 Glencoe Grand Prix – Professional National Criterium Championship

You might recall that, last year, a group of photographers and writers worked together to create a book commemorating the Glencoe Grand Prix and the surrounding events.  That book played a part in helping Glencoe secure the USA Cycling 2010 Professional National Criterium Championship. And, so, we’re putting together another book to commemorate this year’s events.

Tomorrow, I’ll spend the day in downtown Glencoe, photographing the event and part of my assignment includes covering defending GGP champion, Devon Haskell (TIBCO)!  I’ll also shoot the kids’ races and, of course, I’ll be there to see MS Racing team members compete in the earlier races.  It’s going to be a long day, on top of some already long days at work, but I’m really looking forward to it!


2009 Glencoe Grand Prix

My photos from the Glencoe Grand Prix are now posted here.  I’m donating the proceeds from sales of Glencoe Grand Prix picture to the Glencoe Educational Foundation.   And remember be on the look out for information regarding the book featuring the Glencoe Summer Fest (and the Grand Prix), which will hopefully be on sale at a computer near you very soon.

2009 Glencoe Grand Prix

Yesterday, I was focused on shooting pictures for the coffee-table book, which means I didn’t get many race photos.  We were instead trying to capture some of the “behind the scenes” and other perspectives on the race.   I had a great time shooting with Anna from City View Photography, and teaching Megan, our writer, about cycling.

I did try to shoot some of the Cat 5 race, and I, of course, got some of the Masters 30+ 4/5 and the Cat 4 race.  I’ll work on getting those pictures online in the next day or two, so make sure you check back later for the link.

Congratulations to MS Racing for their spectacular performance this weekend!