2009 Dekalb Cross

Photos are posted.  It’s homecoming week at school, so I don’t have time for much of anything this week.  But, hopefully I’ll find time to post a few pictures on my sorely neglected blog later this week.


2009 Jackson Park Cross – Photos

I won’t be taking as many pictures during cross season, but I will still try to catch pics of Pony Shop riders.  I’ve posted the pictures that I took at Jackson Park, but keep in mind that I only caught the first race, and maybe one lap of the second race.

Jackson Park Cross

I’m having a little trouble focusing on work today.  I’m tired.  My body aches.  Yesterday was a blast and it was exactly what I needed to get excited for cross season.  I don’t know why, but even with a snazzy new team bike, and some fun new teammates, I was not really looking forward to cross season.  I think I’ve just had too many other things going on in life this summer to really spend much time on the bike or even thinking about riding.  But, once our races started yesterday, I found that excitement that I’d been lacking.

It’s hard to take as many photos during cross season because I’m more interested in screaming and cheering on teammates.  I managed to get a few sots of the 30/40+ race, but I think that’s it.  And, of course, I’m focusing on Pony Shop racers for now.  I’ll post links once I get around to editing and posting online.

Congratulations to Bryan Rheude and Jessica Hill for winning their races!  And congrats to everyone else for their great placings: Lou, Brian, Luca… anyone else?

Racing tomorrow.

When I’m just taking pictures at a race, it’s so much easier to get ready the night before.  Camera?  Check.  Battery charged?  Check.  OK, I’m ready to go.

But, I’m racing tomorrow, which means I have more stuff to pack up.  Camera? Check. Battery charged? Check. Helmet? Clothes? Shoes? Wait, what if it’s cold?…Shorts or knickers?  Eh, just throw it all in the bag and call it good.  

I have a fancy new monopod that Pat bought for me as thanks from the team for my photos.  I have to remember to pack that up, too.  What else am I forgetting?

Good luck tomorrow, everyone!  And, be sure to check back here (or CBR, if Luke is so kind as to link to me) for pictures from the Jackson Park race.  I’ll try to get them posted as soon as I can…