What?! No racing this weekend?

I was looking forward to the three days of racing that the ABD Memorial Day Masters Race would bring, until I looked at the schedule.  For some reason, the only available Cat 4 races are a combined Masters 30+ 1/2/3/4 race, or a 40+ Cat 4 race.  Since Cliff isn’t 40 yet, he would have been racing with the 1/2/3/4s, which isn’t much fun when you’re a 4 and know that you have very little hope of doing well.  So, we’re taking the weekend off.

I think the next race we’ll attend is the June 6-7 race in Winfield.


2009 Monsters of the Midway

I’m glad the weather ended up being pretty nice today, but the forecast fooled me into leaving my sunblock at home.  I’m now paying for that mistake: my face is sunburned!  Thankfully it was cool enough out that I wore long sleeves and jeans today or the rest of my body would be burned, too.

Several people asked me whether I was racing today and my immediate response is always the same: hell no!  I’m afraid of crashing and refuse to risk it in a road race or criterium.  Besides, I’m just way too slow.  Today reinforced my fear of crashing with the three ambulance visits that I saw as the result of three different crashes.  I know that at least two racers were transported to the hospital.  I’ll stick with taking photos from the sidelines until cross season, thanks.  

Team MS had a great showing today!  Jessica Hill won the Women’s 3/4 race.  Erik Weibe finished in the 9-man break in the Masters 30+ race, and Cliff Golz took 6th in the Cat 4 race.  

Pictures from today’s races can be found here.

2009 Vernon Hills Criterium

Today was a great day for racing in Vernon Hills!  I didn’t expect the weather to be nearly as nice as it turned out, so I ended up getting a bit of a sunburn.  I’ll have to remember the sunblock for the next race (and hope I actually need it!).

Race photos are posted here.  It was great seeing some folks who I haven’t seen in months (since Cross season ended) or even longer (since the last road race).