2008 Superweek – ENH Grand Prix

I took so many pictures yesterday that I’m uploading them by category. The first two categories are up!
Cat 4/5
Cat 4

And, now the third and fourth races are up!
Masters 30+ and 40+

Slowly, but surely, I’m making progress…
Womens Cat 3

And, last, but definitely not least…
Mens Cat 3

See you all next week at the Chicago Criterium!


ENH Grand Prix

I took over 1000 pictures at today’s Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Grand Prix!  Unfortunately, that means it will take me a while to sort through and edit those that need editing before posting to my site.  I hope to get everything posted before the end of the day tomorrow and I will post the link as soon as they are ready.

ENH Grand Prix

I am super excited for the race this weekend! I’ll be there taking pictures all day, and Cliff is racing in the morning. It should be a great day!

Check out the request from Jim Marsh, one of the organizers of the ENH Grand Prix, below. He’s looking for volunteers.


Hi, I am one of the organizers of the ENH Grand Prix and really hope you have a good time at the race and do well. I will be planted next to the start finish line so please feel free to come up and say hi. Thanks for mentioning us in our blog. I have one favor to ask… we are in need of some more volunteers to help marshal the course and make the event go smoothly, we have a solid crew but could always use a little more help, especially from people who know of crits and cycling.

Please forward the link to our volunteer page http://www.enhgrandprix.com/volunteer.html to anyone who is interested in helping out.

Thanks and have a great race!