2009 Chicago Criterium

Yay for the internet!  How in the world did we ever survive before the internet existed?

Now that I have an internet connection at home, I was able to upload the photos from the Chicago Criterium.


Chicago Criteriums – Photos coming soon

We moved on Friday, but we failed to schedule internet and cable connections until just before our move, which means… we’ve been without internet for a few days.  Thankfully, the installers come this evening so I should able to get the photos from yesterday posted soon.

In the meantime, I’ve included a few pics of the new house for your viewing pleasure!  These pics were all taken prior to our moving in, so the “stuff” pictured belongs to the previous owner.

2009 Evanston Grand Prix

Life seems to have gotten in the way of racing and photography this summer.  We have less time to spend at the races, and we’ve made it to fewer races this year which is sad but at the same time exciting because in the meantime, we’ve bought a house and are moving soon.

The Evanston race is always nice because of it’s location, but I spend the entire race biting my lip with anxiety.  I’m constantly expecting a crash and always hoping that, when it does finally happen, it won’t be too bad.  I caught an amazing stunt of a crash at the start/finish in the 4/5 race (I think it was 4/5, but it may have been the 4s race).  Check it out here. I’m glad this guy is okay, but I’m sure his bike must be toast.

The rest of my Evanston photos start here.

2009 Soldier Field – July 15 race

Photos are posted.

2009 Soldier Field – July 1

I’m pretty impressed with the Soldier Field event.  I am not, however, impressed with my photos from the 4/5 race.  Oh well, here they are anyway.  Feel free to right click and save.  I just ask that you give me photo credit when posting to blogs and the like.