The novelty of being back in school has officially worn off. As I was leaving the office this afternoon, I dreaded the idea of coming home to cook dinner and then sitting down at my computer to do my homework. Thursday night homework is the easiest part of the week: read and respond to two other students’ online discussion posts, and reply to anyone who may have responded to my discussion posts. Easy, right? It’s not the difficulty of the work that has finally gotten to me so much as the looming deadlines that are ever present.

I don’t think I’d mind it all so much if I wasn’t also working full-time, in addition to the daily responsibilities at home. Thank goodness I don’t also have kids to factor into the equation!

Yes, I’m dreading tonight’s homework, but procrastinating by posting here isn’t really helping. So, I will do what I always do: suck it up and keep on plugging away.