Bike MS: Tour de Farms

In a few weeks, Cliff and I will be hopping on our bikes and riding 150 miles to raise funds and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.  This will be our second year participating in the ride and we’re really looking forward to it.  Last year, was a lot of fun.  The roads out by DeKalb are in great condition, and the ride is very well supported.

Unfortunately, we will both have to miss the first day (Cliff has an unavoidable work conflict and I have a bridal shower for my soon-to-be Sister-in-law), but we’ll both be out there on Sunday.  I guess that means we’ll only be riding 75 miles, but it is still for a good cause.  I hope you’ll think about joining us for the ride, or sponsoring us.


2009 Glencoe Grand Prix

Yesterday, I was focused on shooting pictures for the coffee-table book, which means I didn’t get many race photos.  We were instead trying to capture some of the “behind the scenes” and other perspectives on the race.   I had a great time shooting with Anna from City View Photography, and teaching Megan, our writer, about cycling.

I did try to shoot some of the Cat 5 race, and I, of course, got some of the Masters 30+ 4/5 and the Cat 4 race.  I’ll work on getting those pictures online in the next day or two, so make sure you check back later for the link.

Congratulations to MS Racing for their spectacular performance this weekend!

2009 MS 150 – Tour de Farms

This weekend, we participated in the MS 150 ride, the Tour de Farms in Dekalb, IL.  We woke up mighty early on Saturday morning, drove to the NIU Convocation Center to meet the team, and were greeted by hundreds of cyclists milling around in the building, trying to avoid the rain.  The weather was so bad that they ended up delaying the start several times, and we ultimately gave up and left at 11am.  It turns out, the course opened later and Sam, Eric, and Chris rode the 35 mile route.

We returned on Sunday and the weather today was absolutely beautiful.  The roads in DeKalb are amazing: lightly rolling hills, very little traffic, and pavement as smooth as a baby’s bottom!  I may not be a country girl, but I certainly wouldn’t mind riding country roads every day.

The MS Society of Greater Illinois did a great job with this event: the rest stops were well-stocked; the volunteers were extremely helpful and friendly; and the roads were monitored for safety.  Maybe the planners of these MS ride folks should be planning Superweek races!

I rode with the little point and shoot, rather than the big camera, so the pictures aren’t great.  But, take a look anyways and think about doing this ride next year.  You won’t regret it!

MS 150 – Tour de Farms

Team MS Racing is participating in the MS 150 Tour de Farms on June 12-14, 2009. If you’re interested in participating, check out the event information page here. If you’re interested in sponsoring, click here.

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2008 Glencoe Grand Prix

Glencoe did a great job with today’s race. It was extremely well-organized and the racers seemed pretty happy with every part of the day.

Today marked the debut of Team MS Racing, sponsored by the Greater Illinois Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Formerly MetLife, or Metcycling, MS Racing hopes to draw attention to and build awareness of Multiple Sclerosis, while also raising funds for research. I’m sure there will be an official press release with more information, but that’s the gist of what I know at this point.

Masters 1/2/3 Race Sponsored by the MS Society of Illinois

Masters 1/2/3 Race sponsored by the MS Society of Illinois

Team MS Racing debuts at Glencoe Grand Prix

Team MS Racing debuts at Glencoe Grand Prix

I took a lot of pictures today, but my main goal was to get lots of pics of Team MS Racing folks. Once all of the pictures are ready, I’ll post the link here for all to see.