Bountiful garden

Our late start on the season meant that most of our tomatoes didn’t ripen before the threat of the first frost. To avoid losing the tomatoes completely, I picked most of them, and I’m hoping they’ll ripen in the house… However, to deal with that tomatoes that are ripe, I decided to make very basic tomato sauce and freeze it. Keep in mind, I’ve never made tomato sauce (I always buy it in a jar).  I hope this experiment turns out okay.


Ripe tomatoes


Green and almost ripe tomatoes


Boiling water for 15s to loosen skin


Ice water bath to stop cooking process

Skin and seeds removed


Chop chop


Making into sauce

Now, what to do with all of the jalapeno peppers that I picked?


Home: Work


Cliff at work with heat gun & scraper


We’ve been talking, for a while now, about starting to scrape the paint off the window trim in one room as an experiment to see how easily it would come off. The other day, while I was working on homework in the dining room, Cliff decided to do some home: work of his own. He pulled out his heat gun and went to work on the window trim in the back bedroom. An hour or so later, and he had uncovered some really beautiful wood underneath all of that paint.


Small portion of window trim



Most of the trim is done



Window sill



Window trim & base board


As you can see from this last picture, the room also has wood base boards that have been painted. This is as far as Cliff has gotten so far, with just a little bit of work, but this is a MAJOR project for the future. This house has a ton of wood trim (windows, door frames, base boards, crown molding…), but I think the hard work will totally pay off in the future.

Now, we just need to find some free time so we can make some real progress. Free time seems to be in short supply these days.