My final answer — Master Bath tile selection

This is it.  I swear.  My final answer.

I originally went away from the carrara marble because Cliff was continually drawn to the brown tiles (travertine, specifically), and I was worried that too much carrera marble would remind me of the condo bathroom, which was always cold.   But, after showing Cliff some different carrara tiles online tonight, we’ve finally made up our minds.

Are you as tired as we are yet?  And, yes, we this fickle in our daily lives, too.

So…. drum roll, please…

Imagine, if you will: the original vanity that I posted.  Click here for a picture.
Walls of shower and outside of the shower will be white subway tile (glossy).
Floor of the bathroom will be basket weave carrara marble. Basket weave #4. (Thanks, Patricia for the recommendation!)
Floor of the shower will be tumbled white carrara marble.

My inspiration…

And, now, I need to go back and select new fixtures in chrome because I think that will fit best.  The only problem is that I can’t tell the finish on that vanity.  I might have to call or email to ask that question.  If the finish isn’t chrome, then I’ll stick with the original fixtures in satin nickel.  If chrome, I’ll likely select the same fixtures in polished chrome.

One caveat: I, of course, reserve the right to change my mind several times. 🙂

And, a challenge: If Damon can suggest some better ideas, I’m open to considering them.  Damon, if we select your better idea, we’ll contribute to your summer camp fund.  🙂


Tile, tile, and more tile

Today, we went to The Tile Shop in Deerfield to check out their selection of tile in person.  I’ve been looking at their selection online, but it’s difficult to tell whether the color is true unless you see it in person.  We walked around and looked at their displays several times, talking about what we liked and disliked about each display, and immediately felt really overwhelmed.  Thankfully, Rachel approached us and asked if we needed any help.  In the past, when asked this question at other stores, we’ve always debated whether to spend the time trying explain what we want or need because almost always the salesperson points us to something vague and then wanders off.  Rachel, however, was undaunted when I told her that we probably needed more than help at this point.  She listed to our story, asked us a few questions and then led us on a trip around the store.  She was so patient and helpful!

As we walked around and looked at pictures and displays, Cliff was continually drawn to the brown colored tiles (especially the travertine).  We tried several times to find something that might work well with the vanity I had chosen (with the carerra marble countertop), but it just wouldn’t work.  Finally, we decided that we liked one display so much that we should just skip the vanity I’d chosen and instead go with a white vanity (like the display).  So, we decided on the following:

White vanity with a countertop with browns in it (not yet selected)
White subway tile on the wall, shower, and tub surround
A decorative border of stone/glass mosaic (Tuscany Empoli with Glass), capped with white ceramic chair rail sort of pieces
The stone/glass mosaic tile will also be on the floor of the shower

Ceramic floor tile (I think we selected the Valentino)

These items are pretty much verbatim from the display (except we chose a different floor tile).  What do you think?  Can you picture it?  I still need to select a vanity and will likely still use the modern fixtures (in chrome instead of satin nickel).

Tile Selection for Master Bath

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment and provide feedback on my choices for our soon-to-be new master bathroom.  Every single person said to stick with my original choice of vanity, so that’s what I’ll go with.  Thanks for the validation!

Now, I have questions about tile.  Originally, we intended to go with a tan/brown theme and picked out a travertine looking porcelain tile.  But, since the countertop on the vanity is made out of carrera marble (no choice in materials, so that’s what we’re stuck with), I’m thinking brown throughout the bath won’t really “go”.

Carrera Marble

Help me pick some tile, please?  I’m completely open to suggestion (though, please keep cost in mind and don’t suggest anything too outrageously priced!).  We want larger (12×12) tiles for the floor, and probably smaller tiles for the walls.  Plus, the shower and surround on tub will be tiled, and then I want mosaic tiles of some kind for the floor of the shower.

The suggestion box is open…

Master Bath

I spent most of yesterday selecting fixtures and tile and everything else for our master bath.  But, now, I’m second guessing my selections.  Help me out, okay?

I selected this vanity and chose modern fixtures in brushed nickel.  However, I just discovered this bathroom and I really like the look.

Am I over-thinking this?  Keep in mind, we live in a 1920’s Chicago Bungalow.  We’re adding shed dormers upstairs to build out a master suite with bathroom, and a loft-style office.  So, the upstairs will be (in my opinion) kind of modern, whereas the downstairs looks more tradition (though our furniture is modern/ contemporary).

I am definitely not an interior designer!

Retro Reno

Our downstairs bathroom has a few plumbing problems.  The plumbing problem is big enough that we’ve decided that we might as well tear out the bathroom and replace it all (plus, it’s ugly, so we might as well make it pretty!).  Unfortunately, the size of the room limits our options: the current vanity is 19″ deep – anything deeper would prevent the door from swinging shut.  Most vanities are at least 21″ deep.

I suck at visualization, so we decided to buy a few design books while we were out yesterday.  We finally found a design idea that we both agreed upon, so we’re going with it: Vintage.  Subway tiles on the walls (white porcelain), 1 inch hexagonal glossy white porcelain tiles on the floor, chrome fixtures, pedestal sink.  What do you think?

Subway Tile

Floor Tile

Pedestal Sink

Chrome Faucet