2009 Dekalb Cross

Photos are posted.  It’s homecoming week at school, so I don’t have time for much of anything this week.  But, hopefully I’ll find time to post a few pictures on my sorely neglected blog later this week.


2008 Dekalb Cross

I was worried about today’s race, expecting rain and really not looking forward to it.  I know that as time goes on, the beginner women’s field tends to get smaller, and today’s group was smaller than the group at Jackson Park, but it still was a pretty big group overall – 12 women in the field.  It rained throughout the race, and it wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as I had expected.  In fact, the course actually was more fun as the corners started getting slick.  I finished 9th out of 12.  

It looked like the guys had even more fun by the time the 4s raced because by then the course was extremely slick in the corners.  Photos are posted here.


This hill took down a lot of riders.

This hill took down a lot of riders.

Thankfully, Cliff cleaned my bike for me when we got home.  🙂