Cross practice!

I stopped by cross practice today on my way home from work.  I watched the group go through the course a couple of times and then Lou stopped by and offered to set up some barriers for me to practice on.  PVC barriers are so much LESS intimidating to me than the wooden barriers that they use in the races.  I was surprised to find that I did okay getting on and off the bike and I even managed to run over the barriers.  Last year, I was lucky if I could lift my bike high enough to get it over the barriers!

It’s rare that I’m in front of the camera, but Lou took a picture as proof that two girls showed up to practice on the same day.  🙂

Photo courtesy of Lou Kuhn, Pony Shop

On my way home from work tonight, the Wednesday night group ride rode by going the other way.  I was surprised to see one person without a helmet.  Why anyone would ride a bike without a helmet is beyond my comprehension (especially when riding on the road and at the speeds that these guys go!).  I hope he rethinks that in the future, but somehow I doubt it.  I remember when Cliff and I rode a few times in Michigan (back in the day) and he made fun of me for wearing a helmet.  Eventually, he, too, got a helmet and now can’t believe he ever rode without one.  People!  Wear helmets!