Pieces of the puzzle

The various pieces for our bathroom remodel have started to arrive. The contractors are supposed to start on Monday, but it sounds like our bathtub may not arrive for a couple more weeks, which leaves our start date up in the air.

The radiant heating mat for under the tile arrived today, along with our lights. I looked at quite a few light options, and most were a lot more expensive than these, so I was worried that these would look or feel cheap. I made sure to open the box right away to check that nothing had broken during shipping, and found that the lights are actually of good quality.

I’m getting pretty excited because I can see the finished product in my head. I hope the mix of traditional and modern come together the way I see them in my mind. I’m especially excited to see the gorgeous carrara marble countertop for the vanity once that is complete. I’ll be sure to post a picture.