More Glencoe Grand Prix photos

I’m uploading the rest of the Glencoe Grand Prix pictures to the 2008 Glencoe Grand Prix album.  The newest additions include pictures from the kids races as well as the Masters 1/2/3 race and the Cat 4 and Cat 3 races.

Click here for the 2008 Glencoe Grand Prix pictures.


Glencoe Pictures

I’ve gotten to most of the Glencoe pictures, but I still have a few more to go.  I’ve uploaded the finished pictures, and will add the rest as I get them finished.

This group includes the Masters races, women, and juniors.  Up next will be the 4s, and I think I caught a few pictures from the start of the 3s.  Coming soon…

Glencoe Grand Prix pictures

2008 Glencoe Grand Prix

Glencoe did a great job with today’s race. It was extremely well-organized and the racers seemed pretty happy with every part of the day.

Today marked the debut of Team MS Racing, sponsored by the Greater Illinois Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Formerly MetLife, or Metcycling, MS Racing hopes to draw attention to and build awareness of Multiple Sclerosis, while also raising funds for research. I’m sure there will be an official press release with more information, but that’s the gist of what I know at this point.

Masters 1/2/3 Race Sponsored by the MS Society of Illinois

Masters 1/2/3 Race sponsored by the MS Society of Illinois

Team MS Racing debuts at Glencoe Grand Prix

Team MS Racing debuts at Glencoe Grand Prix

I took a lot of pictures today, but my main goal was to get lots of pics of Team MS Racing folks. Once all of the pictures are ready, I’ll post the link here for all to see.