2009 Glencoe Grand Prix

My photos from the Glencoe Grand Prix are now posted here.  I’m donating the proceeds from sales of Glencoe Grand Prix picture to the Glencoe Educational Foundation.   And remember be on the look out for information regarding the book featuring the Glencoe Summer Fest (and the Grand Prix), which will hopefully be on sale at a computer near you very soon.


2009 Glencoe Grand Prix

Yesterday, I was focused on shooting pictures for the coffee-table book, which means I didn’t get many race photos.  We were instead trying to capture some of the “behind the scenes” and other perspectives on the race.   I had a great time shooting with Anna from City View Photography, and teaching Megan, our writer, about cycling.

I did try to shoot some of the Cat 5 race, and I, of course, got some of the Masters 30+ 4/5 and the Cat 4 race.  I’ll work on getting those pictures online in the next day or two, so make sure you check back later for the link.

Congratulations to MS Racing for their spectacular performance this weekend!

Home Sweet Home Improvements

Greetings from our new home in West Ridge! (I’ve blurred the numbers in case you are trying to stalk me.)


Today, I stayed home from work to meet the furniture delivery people and the fence installers.  It feels like we’re actually making progress and soon this place will feel like “home”.

Our old living room furniture was stuff that we had to buy from UIC because Ella destroyed it as a puppy.  It’s been slip-covered for the last four years to hide the damage she did to it and I’ve been counting down the days until we could get rid of it (or move it to the basement).  That day finally arrived!  In addition to new living room furniture, we also ordered a dining room table (we’ve been eating from a Pub Table because that’s what fit best in our condo and it was high enough to keep the dogs from snatching unattended food), and a sideboard.  We’re sorely in need of more storage, so this sideboard will hopefully help us hide the clutter a bit.

Now that the furniture has arrived, I’m not TOTALLY in love with it.  It’s just okay.  We need to move things around a bit, and decide whether it all really “fits”.  The love seat in the pictures below looks much lighter than it actually is.  In reality, the couch, love seat and chair are all a dark brown (mocha).

In addition to the new furniture, we’re also getting a new fence.  I think this is the part that I’m most excited about!  We could have easily stayed in our condo for a few more years, but it’s getting harder and harder to walk the dogs in all kinds of weather, and spend hours at the park with them each week.  The one thing we wanted the most was a yard for the dogs to play in, but since our new yard wasn’t fenced, we’ve still been walking the dogs.  Not anymore!!  The fence guys came today, and began work at 8 a.m.  They continued to work, even when it began raining.  They stopped working at 3:00 p.m., and will be back tomorrow to put up the rest of the fence.  I can hardly wait.  I might actually be giddy with anticipation!

2009 Tour of Elk Grove

Today was going to be a quick one: one race and then we’re gone.  But, we got there early, and then ended up hanging around to see the results, which  means I was able to get some photos from both heats of the Cat 5, the Womens Cat 3/4 and the Mens Cat 4 races.  Photos are posted here.  Congratulations to MS Racing for their great results today!

We won’t be at Elk Grove tomorrow because Cliff isn’t old enough to race in the Masters category tomorrow.  The trend seems to be 35+ this year, rather than the usual 30+, which misses Cliff by a hair.  Next up for us: Glencoe!