2008 Team Pony Shop

Last year, Lou created a book using iPhoto and pictures emailed to him by friends to commemorate the 2007 cyclocross season. Cliff and I enjoyed looking at the book when we visited the store and it seems others thought the same.

This year, Mark had the great idea of creating a 2008 Team Pony Shop book for Lou and I quickly jumped on that bandwagon. After consulting with Mark, I created a book using iPhoto and ordered a soft cover book for The Pony Shop.

I was excited for the book to arrive, but once it showed up on my doorstep, I was a bit disappointed in the softcover version. I showed it to a few people at the Team MS Racing meeting and they all seemed to like it, so I passed it along to Lou. However, I soon learned from Lou that the pages were pulling away from the binding.

Thankfully Apple has a great satisfaction guranteed policy so they were willing to take the softcover book back and refund my money. I turned turned around and ordered hard cover versions for Lou, myself, and anyone else who wanted to pay the steep $50 price tag.

The books have finally arrived and I am much happier with them than I was with the soft cover version. I’ll be dropping them off at the shop tomorrow afternoon, so stop by and take a look. And if you ordered one, you’ll be able to pick yours up at the shop anytime after 5 pm tomorrow.