Today’s race in Carpenter Park was my best race yet… I actually felt competitive.  There were quite a few women there today and because they did call ups, my consistency paid off.  I was seventh called to the line, but probably the fourth person actually on the line since some of the higher scoring women weren’t there today.  

I had a great start and was actually second wheel into the first barrier.  Then, of course, lots of women passed me because I suck at remounting.  Whatev.  I was still ahead of quite a few people, and managed to keep that lead for a while.  More women passed me throughout the race because I just don’t have the level of fitness that one needs for cross racing (let’s face it, my semi-regular bike commuting just doesn’t do it).  The best part, though, came when I passed a woman at one point, and then, coming through the sand pit on the last lap, one of the women in front of me had a mechanical problem.  I was so focused on just maintaining my lead on the women in front of me that I probably wouldn’t have even noticed what was going on had it not been for Roman and Jim screaming for me through that section.  They told me to pick it up, so I did.  I was able to pass that girl and keep the lead!  (I’ve never actually passed anyone before so that felt pretty damn good!)

Ultimately, I finished 17th, but I felt pretty good about my race today.

I’m working on pictures tonight, and plan to work backwards so I can post the 4s pictures first.  They usually have to wait, so tonight they’ll get a little bit of special treatment.

UPDATE: Pictures from the Mens 4A and 4B races are now posted.  My husband pointed out that I was neglecting the 4s, so you’ll notice that this week there are quite a bit fewer pictures from earlier races, and lots of pictures of the 4s.  437 pictures, to be exact.  Enjoy!  

(Pics from the other races will hopefully go up tomorrow night.)