Racing tomorrow.

When I’m just taking pictures at a race, it’s so much easier to get ready the night before.  Camera?  Check.  Battery charged?  Check.  OK, I’m ready to go.

But, I’m racing tomorrow, which means I have more stuff to pack up.  Camera? Check. Battery charged? Check. Helmet? Clothes? Shoes? Wait, what if it’s cold?…Shorts or knickers?  Eh, just throw it all in the bag and call it good.  

I have a fancy new monopod that Pat bought for me as thanks from the team for my photos.  I have to remember to pack that up, too.  What else am I forgetting?

Good luck tomorrow, everyone!  And, be sure to check back here (or CBR, if Luke is so kind as to link to me) for pictures from the Jackson Park race.  I’ll try to get them posted as soon as I can…


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