Better late than never.

We were late to the gardening game this year because we needed to do some prep work to build up the retaining walls to create a vegetable garden.  However, now that everything has been planted, and tended regularly, we’re starting to see the fruits of our labor.

Our jalapeno pepper plant has been steadily producing peppers all season.  It started in a pot so it had a bit of a head start on our other veggies.  Now, the yellow squash has started producing and we’ve already eaten two squash from that plant.  We have three more that are almost ready to be picked.  Soon, our tomato plants will be ready.  We have three different types of tomato plans and they all have green fruit on them.  Just a little bit longer until those are ripe and ready for picking. Lastly, we have four yellow pepper plants.  These plants still seem quite small and, until now, haven’t produced anything.  I was beginning to think they were a failure, but yesterday I noticed one very small but cute green pepper. I am assuming that it will turn a bright yellow when ripe and I can hardly wait.  Hopefully, more will follow!

When I was growing up, my family never had a garden.  In fact, we ate very few vegetables and those that we did eat came from a can. Now that I’ve developed my own tastes and preferences, I just can’t bring myself to eat canned vegetables anymore. I prefer fresh veggies (though can sometimes be persuaded to eat something that has been frozen).  As Cliff said to me this morning, it’s amazing to think that humans have been growing vegetables for years, but we’re just now experiencing the joy and satisfaction that comes from growing your own food and knowing exactly where those vegetables came from (and what has or hasn’t been sprayed on them)!

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One Response to “Better late than never.”

  1. Little Merry Sunshine Says:

    Congratulations! This is so exciting! Fresh veggies from your own garden are THE BEST! My tomatoes have been producing fruit for a month now, but my squash has yet to produce a thing. My pepper plants are pretty big, but have each only produced one pepper. And on the red pepper plant, the pepper never turned red. 😦 Red pepper fail. It’s the first time I’ve done peppers and squash, so I’m not upset.

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