Tile, tile, and more tile

Today, we went to The Tile Shop in Deerfield to check out their selection of tile in person.  I’ve been looking at their selection online, but it’s difficult to tell whether the color is true unless you see it in person.  We walked around and looked at their displays several times, talking about what we liked and disliked about each display, and immediately felt really overwhelmed.  Thankfully, Rachel approached us and asked if we needed any help.  In the past, when asked this question at other stores, we’ve always debated whether to spend the time trying explain what we want or need because almost always the salesperson points us to something vague and then wanders off.  Rachel, however, was undaunted when I told her that we probably needed more than help at this point.  She listed to our story, asked us a few questions and then led us on a trip around the store.  She was so patient and helpful!

As we walked around and looked at pictures and displays, Cliff was continually drawn to the brown colored tiles (especially the travertine).  We tried several times to find something that might work well with the vanity I had chosen (with the carerra marble countertop), but it just wouldn’t work.  Finally, we decided that we liked one display so much that we should just skip the vanity I’d chosen and instead go with a white vanity (like the display).  So, we decided on the following:

White vanity with a countertop with browns in it (not yet selected)
White subway tile on the wall, shower, and tub surround
A decorative border of stone/glass mosaic (Tuscany Empoli with Glass), capped with white ceramic chair rail sort of pieces
The stone/glass mosaic tile will also be on the floor of the shower

Ceramic floor tile (I think we selected the Valentino)

These items are pretty much verbatim from the display (except we chose a different floor tile).  What do you think?  Can you picture it?  I still need to select a vanity and will likely still use the modern fixtures (in chrome instead of satin nickel).


One Response to “Tile, tile, and more tile”

  1. Stephen Gibson Says:

    It sounds like you have a great plan. Tiles are great and they’ll last forever if you take care of them. One of the bathrooms in my house has ~80 year old tile that still looks great!

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