Tile Selection for Master Bath

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment and provide feedback on my choices for our soon-to-be new master bathroom.  Every single person said to stick with my original choice of vanity, so that’s what I’ll go with.  Thanks for the validation!

Now, I have questions about tile.  Originally, we intended to go with a tan/brown theme and picked out a travertine looking porcelain tile.  But, since the countertop on the vanity is made out of carrera marble (no choice in materials, so that’s what we’re stuck with), I’m thinking brown throughout the bath won’t really “go”.

Carrera Marble

Help me pick some tile, please?  I’m completely open to suggestion (though, please keep cost in mind and don’t suggest anything too outrageously priced!).  We want larger (12×12) tiles for the floor, and probably smaller tiles for the walls.  Plus, the shower and surround on tub will be tiled, and then I want mosaic tiles of some kind for the floor of the shower.

The suggestion box is open…


9 Responses to “Tile Selection for Master Bath”

  1. Damon Says:

    What is your per sq ft budget and what is the overall square footage?

    • velosnaps Says:

      We haven’t determined a per sq ft budget (moreso a figure for the entire project). We’re planning to just select a type of tile, color and size, and include in overall specs to bid out to contractors.

      But, here’s the info from the architect:
      Floor Area is 70 sf.
      Wall tile -The entire wall area up to the ceiling on all 4 walls is 400 sf. (we’ll likely only tile up to 48″).
      New shower base – The size is 36”x36” with a 12” bench fully tiled on the walls and bench.

  2. pll Says:

    Fun project! What if you go with Carrara marble tiles on the floor ad white subway tiles for the rest? Heated floor? Projecting my own dreams… have you considered radiant heat in the floor?

    • velosnaps Says:

      Yes! We are considering radiant heat for the floor, but I just realized that it was left off the scope of the project. Will have to bring it up again with Cliff and get it added to the scope if we’re going to do it. I would LOVE to have warm tootsies in the morning.

      We had carrara marble tiles in the master bath in the condo. I didn’t really love the look of it. I guess I’d rather have something else; I just don’t know what would be better…

      • pll Says:

        I know you want to go with 12″ tiles in the floor but I love the retro look of the small hexagonal tiles (other examples here). They are nice under your feet, too. Although I never have seen one in ‘real life’, I like how the basket weave look. See #3 and #4 here.

        Radiant heat is in my dream list for my entire apartment. I hope you get it!

  3. velosnaps Says:

    I kind of like this option for the walls: http://www.tileshop.com/product/productdetail.aspx?familyID=1850

    Or, this for the floor and walls mixed with some others (like in the picture).

    • pll Says:

      The first link doesn’t work for me. The second… IMO, the beige/browns won’t work too well with the white marble and the dark brown vanity (it makes it look a bit dark, too). Another possible tack: “pebble” floor? I think you could tie in some grayish/charcoal pebbles in the floor (I have seen this in a friends apartment and it looks very nice), even the shower, and some white subway tile.

      And I dream about radiant heat…

  4. Damon Says:

    I built a bathroom for my mom 2 years ago and installed radiant floor heating, probably the best decision ever made. The entire system was only a few hundred dollars, I can’t remeber exactly, but less than $500 I think. It took about 1-2 hours to install including wiring the thermostat. Check ot http://www.warmlyyours.com who are located out in the burbs. Going with radiant maybe less expensive than running ductwork.
    Just something to consider.

    BTW…still doing research on some tile for you.

  5. The Handyguys Says:

    How about a white tile? They come in all shapes and sizes. Some have a texture. The subway tiles will give it a more vintage look. You could also go with a pure gray tile for a more modern look.

    Black granite would look very elegant too.

    Find a good tile store that will let you take home a few different samples.

    The Handyguys

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