Retro Reno

Our downstairs bathroom has a few plumbing problems.  The plumbing problem is big enough that we’ve decided that we might as well tear out the bathroom and replace it all (plus, it’s ugly, so we might as well make it pretty!).  Unfortunately, the size of the room limits our options: the current vanity is 19″ deep – anything deeper would prevent the door from swinging shut.  Most vanities are at least 21″ deep.

I suck at visualization, so we decided to buy a few design books while we were out yesterday.  We finally found a design idea that we both agreed upon, so we’re going with it: Vintage.  Subway tiles on the walls (white porcelain), 1 inch hexagonal glossy white porcelain tiles on the floor, chrome fixtures, pedestal sink.  What do you think?

Subway Tile

Floor Tile

Pedestal Sink

Chrome Faucet


One Response to “Retro Reno”

  1. Robbie Lopez Says:

    I love this design! GREAT CHOICES!!

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