2009 OktoberCross – Carpentersville

Main Street Bikes created a kick ass course that was interesting enough to keep my attention!  Normally, I kind of space out while riding.  To quote Mel, “I’m just doin’ my ride.”

Leading into the race yesterday, I was immensely scared of the “pump” section.  I knew it would be a spot for great pictures, but I had no idea that so many people would crash or nearly crash there.  When I saw one rider face plant on the pump section, landing on his cheek, that’s when my anxiety level increased.  The first two times that I went through that section, I took a big breath at the top of the hill and then just went for it.  By the last two times through,  I was actually enjoying that section the most and had fun going through there!

Photos are posted on picasa. I had trouble uploading them to dotphoto (kept getting stupid error messages), so I finally gave up and put them on picasa instead.  Enjoy!


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