Weekend: FAIL

Martin teasingly reminded me that I said I’d post pictures from this weekend’s criterium.  Unfortunately, it didn’t happen and I’m a little disappointed.  I was hoping to try out my new camera on Saturday, but I expected to miss out on Spring Prairie because this is my weekend to be on call for work.  Ultimately, I missed out on both days of racing.

We’re buying a house and trying to sell our condo.  We hope to close on the house on Wednesday, but if that doesn’t happen, we’ll definitely close the following week.  In the meantime, we’ve gotten several showing requests for our condo, which is great!  But, it’s also quite inconvenient since at least one of us needs to be home to walk the dogs while the realtor shows the place.  This weekend, our realtor was out of town for a wedding so we both needed to be available for two showings on Saturday.  Since we expected an afternoon full of rain and thunder, neither Cliff nor I thought much of bailing on Winfield.  The showings went okay, and as Murphy’s law would have it, the rain stayed away.  It’s no coincidence that one of our dogs is named Murphy.

Next weekend: MS 150.  Hopefully soon I’ll be posting pictures of our new house!


4 Responses to “Weekend: FAIL”

  1. julie Says:

    Have you thought about taking your dogs to a daycare for the day when the place is being shown? That way you’re not tied down all day and can still race…

  2. velosnaps Says:

    Julie – Yes, but that would get expensive after a while. It’s just not worth the additional expense (at least, not worth it to me). I’d rather skip a race and be here to walk the dogs; it only really becomes a problem on the few occasions that the realtor can’t make it due to her own family commitments.

  3. martin Says:

    And here I felt that what is said at Lucky Platter says at Lucky Platter. Good luck Wednesday at the closing.

  4. velosnaps Says:

    Martin – I really just needed an excuse to post to your blog. 😉

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