Happy new year! (a couple of days late…)

Oops, can’t believe I missed the Happy New Year post.  Here’s wishing you a very happy new year!  

Tomorrow is my last day of prolonged time off.  In the past month, I think I’ve worked a total of 7 days, and I’ve completely enjoyed having so much time off.  We went to Mexico for a week, then I was lucky enough to get a snow day, and then because of the holidays and vacation time, I only worked two days last week and two days the week before that.  Starting Monday, it’s back to a five-day work week.  That will certainly be a shock to my system!  But, thankfully, I think I’ve finally reached the point of being bored during the day.  Every day until now, I’ve either been running around, working out, reading, watching movies, shopping, cooking, etc.  But, today?  I went for a short ride, and then just lay around the house.  I’m kinda bored.  There are things that I could do, but I don’t really want to do them.  Maybe that will make Monday easier to deal with…

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One Response to “Happy new year! (a couple of days late…)”

  1. KrissyGo! Says:

    Inertia’s a beast, no? Probably better that you get back to work before being an object at rest takes over. (Mr. Gelpke would be so proud.)

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