Supporting local businesses this holiday season.

Every day, the news has a report about how businesses are suffering during this recession, and the holiday retail numbers seem to be lower than ever before.  The recession hasn’t really affected us much (yet) other than the lower property values *knocks on wood*, but we can see the effects the economy is having on those in our lives.  This year, we’ve made a bigger effort to support our local businesses because they really make a difference in our neighborhood.  Rather than stopping at Starbucks for coffee on race mornings, we visit Charmers instead.  We buy our wine from Taste Food and Wine rather than Dominicks.  And, since we’ve been cooking at home more often, when we do go out, we try to frequent our local Indian restaurant at least every two weeks.  Tonight, we plan to have dinner at Gruppo di Amici (if it’s even open).  We even bought a friend a gift card to Sonia Roselli’s Esthetique, a new beauty boutique that just opened.

And, of course, we make a huge point of frequenting our local bike shop, the Pony Shop.


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