Jess and I went down to Montrose today, just for the heck of it.  I’ve never ridden in snow before and wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Once I got out the front door, I immediately had trouble clipping in because both my cleat and pedal were already filled with snow.  I eventually figured out that I could hit the side of my shoe against the pedal and the snow would fall off the shoe and the pedal enough for me to get clipped in.  I then rode down to the corner to meet Jess.

The roads through the neighborhood were poorly plowed, which was actually okay because it made for some fun riding.  We were sliding around a lot, but we had fun with it.  Once we hit Devon, the road had mostly slush on it, which wasn’t as much fun.

Once we got down to Montrose, we rode in the snow for a bit, went up the sled hill, took a few pictures, then headed north to meet up with the guys for breakfast.


By the time we got to Wilmette, I was soaked.  Every single piece of clothing was wet from slush on the roads.  I sat down in the booth at the restaurant, slid across to make room for others, and left a very wet train in my wake.  Oops!  I guess my pants were wetter than I thought!  I was fine while we were eating, but the ride home was miserable!

Overall, it was a great morning!  The snow was fun and I would definitely head out for snow riding again.  But, next time, I’ll either skip breakfast or have Cliff meet us with the car.  🙂


2 Responses to “SNOW!”

  1. KrissyGo! Says:

    Oh man, what fun!

    You are far gutsier than I…I have declared winter the season of indoor training. I trade braving the elements for killing my soul on the treadmill and trainer. At least there’s a hot tub at the pool — I never miss a swim workout!

  2. velosnaps Says:

    Krissy – It was actually a TON of fun. I was constantly thinking, “Why haven’t I done this before?! I’ve wasted so many winters of fun snow to bike in because I was too “cold”.” But, I was actually dressed just fine with just a couple of layers on. Try it!

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