2008 Lansing Cross

Enquiring minds wanted to know… “What’s in the crockpot?”  I heard someone yell this as I was running through the sand pit this afternoon.  If I’d had the energy, I would have yelled that I didn’t put anything in the crockpot, but that I had manicotti waiting to go in the oven when we got home.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the energy.  Hell, I barely had the energy to yell at the idiot who stopped in the middle of the course during our race, forcing the leader to run right into him.  Idiot.

I have the best teammates ever.  As I was warming up before my race, Mark convinced me to try his tubular tires.  I was pretty worried about hitting a barrier and ruining his wheels, but he was so low-key about it.  During the warm up, I didn’t really notice much difference between Mark’s wheels versus what I was used to with my wheels, but once I got going, I could really feel the difference on the corners.  Those babies cornered like they were on rails.  It might have been my imagination, but I sure had fun in the corners!

Between Mark’s wheels, and my new super-fast shoes from the team, I was styling!  Too bad they didn’t really make me fast, but they were certainly more comfortable than the shoes that I have been wearing.  The only issue I had was with the brand-spanking new cleats which were sometimes difficult to disengage from the pedals.  I almost went down a couple of times.  My old cleats were so worn in that I often pulled out of my pedals, so these new ones took a little getting used to.

I took a lot of pictures today.  Since Jack won his race, I worked backwards to get the 4s up first (sorry I didn’t get a better shot of you coming across the finish line!).  Those are posted here.  Congrats,  Jack!!  And, great job to all the other Pony Shop racers who came out today!  Only two more ChiCrossCup races to go (then we’re off to Mexico for a week)!


Jack celebrating his win in the 4A race

Jack celebrating his win in the 4A race


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