We had a fabulous team dinner at EJ’s Place last night.  EJ and Luca are members of the Pony Shop cross team, and EJ has been a fantastic sponsor of many local teams and races.  His sponsorship of ChiCrossCup enables juniors to race ‘cross for free!  While I can’t say for sure, anecdotally, it seems that this sponsorship has led to an increased number of juniors racing this season, which is ultimately good for the sport.

As we sat around, waiting for Mark, we were joking and reliving some of the various races and mishaps from the season.  Then, Roman presented a great video that he’d created using some of my pictures.  During the dinner, Lou made a comment that people are already starting to ask about next year’s team.  Lou made a comment that it’s not difficult to choose who to ask to be on the team, because you just look around and the people you see and ride with every week are your team.  That statement rang really true for most of the people around the table.  With the exception of the people like Mike who live far way because he’s still in school, or Devon who’s racing in quite a few higher level races, we see the same people every week at both practice and the races.  

We’ve got a great team, and even better sponsors!


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