Team MS Racing – Recruiting Now!

Team MS Racing (formerly MetLife) is recruiting now for the 2009 racing season.  See the team information below.  If you’re interested in joining, or learning more, please contact Sam (sam at teammsracing dot com) or Pat (pat at teammsracing dot com).


Goals for the Team

The goal for the team is to assemble a group of competitive amateur cyclists who enjoy training and racing together while representing our sponsors.  We will target a certain number of races so that we have a critical mass at each race so that we can race as a team, support each other, and support our sponsors. Important to note, that the MS Society is eager to support us.  They actually have a staff person assigned to helping us coordinate races, events, etc.  Ideally, we will attract and recruit new riders and help grow and develop them.  If we’re successful in terms of ridership and sponsorship, we can grow the team.  We want to establish a team platform that is a manageable, that is conducive to growth and has achievable goals.  

We want this to truly be a team where team members support each other, follow through on their commitments to the team, and develop a sense of community among us.  If this sounds like something you’re looking for in a team, don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Club Member Responsibilities

The team will expect from its Club Members support for the team sponsors:

National MS Society

  • Participate in one of two organized MS training rides in the spring.  These will be local training rides for BikeMS participants that want some “formal” training rides with the MS Racing team.  (Think recovery ride.  This will likely be a shorter and slower version of Judson with key members of the BikeMS event)
  • Participate in one of the two days at the Bike MS event in June (both days if possible for those willing and able to make it)
  • Wear the MS Racing kit often and with respect and with an understanding of the MS society’s mission

The Pony Shop

  • Buy your equipment from Lou
  • Refer friends, family and colleagues to his business

EJ’s Place

  • Take your wife and friends out to dinner
  • Refer friends, family and colleagues to his restaurant


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