Getting old and falling apart.

I woke up the morning after a cross race a couple of weeks ago and had difficulty turning my head past a certain point.  My neck was stuck!  I thought it might get better after a few days, but it didn’t, so I finally sucked it up and made an appointment to see a chiropractor.  

Yesterday, I received my first homework assignment from the doctor.  I have to do a lot of band exercises to strengthen my back muscles, but I also have to do this weird wall angel movement against the wall to strengthen my lower back.  I tried doing this exercise tonight and found that it’s really difficult!  My back must really be screwed up.  😛  Hopefully these exercises help.

To top it off, I finally made an appointment to see my regular doctor about this stupid cough that I’ve had for three weeks now.  I go in on Saturday for that.  Cliff says it will be just my luck that I’ll find out I have pneumonia.  Wouldn’t that suck?!

I think I’m more worried about my allergy testing that I’m doing on Thursday.  See, I told you that I’m falling apart!  I was told to stop taking Claritan at least five days prior to my appointment.  In the past few days, my nose has gotten so stuffed up that my lips are getting chapped from breathing through my mouth so much.  I can handle learning that I’m allergic to dogs (bc then I’ll just take meds), but what if I learn that I’m allergic to something like wheat?  It doesn’t make sense to take medicine if I can just cut out a food item, but wheat is in everything!  

I should have gotten the extended warranty.

By the way, have you seen how cute my dogs are?  They’re not going anywhere, even if I do find out that I’m allergic to them.


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