Local celebrity.

That’s how I felt on Sunday during my race.  As I worked my way around the course, I could hear people calling my name and cheering for me at almost every corner (even Luke was cheering me on through the mud).  It’s great to be a part of a team and have teammates on the course, but it’s even better to have relative strangers cheering for me.  (I somewhat teased the Cuttin’ Crew at the bus on the first lap because their cheering was very subdued compared to previous races.  They’ve developed a reputation that we – or I – now expect them to live up to!)  🙂

I’ve always cheered for Cliff as he raced, but he often told me that he couldn’t really hear me above the sound of the wind rushing over his ears.  I’m not much of a yeller, so I never really bothered to cheer above the wind (besides, I was always too busy trying to catch the “money shot”).  I often heard Hank yelling at June to “get up there” and “catch her wheel” and wondered why she didn’t just tell him to “FUCK OFF!”  I always thought I’d probably say that to Cliff that if he yelled at me.  But, once I started racing, and could hear Cliff, Mark, Lou, Jim and Roman SCREAMING at the top of their lungs for (and at) me, I realized how motivational it is to hear people encouraging you to work harder.   I now understand why Hank yells, and why June doesn’t tell him to F- Off (or, as she says in the comments, sometimes she does tell him off, but she knows it’s out of a good place that he cheers her on).  The screaming and cheering gives you a little but more “get up and go” than you might have otherwise.  (Since June is kicking ass in the Women 1/2/3 races, she already has “get up and go”, but I imagine that little extra motivation has made a huge difference, too!)

I owe a huge “THANKS” to my cheerleaders!  Honestly, it’s YOU who keep me coming back week after week, because taking photos from the sidelines is WAY easier than this cross racing stuff.


2 Responses to “Local celebrity.”

  1. J bug Says:

    HEY! That was funny!!! I totally laughed! I love Hank but I have told him to shut the F up at a race once or twice or more….. ooooooo…. I regretted saying it. haha!
    Ok ..On his behalf…. A little bit of his rusty over competitive, Soprano~ish personality is not a bad trade off for all he does for me and my biking. 🙂 He’s a true blue friend and is the kind of person that would be the first to come to the rescue for someone he knows and cares about. and you know what? Those guys in the bus deserve a 6- pack from all of us!! I still can’t get over the couch at Jackson Park! haha
    They are awesome! 🙂

  2. velosnaps Says:

    Sometimes that over-competitive spirit is what we women need to be MORE competitive. We’re often too supportive and not as competitive as we should/could be. 🙂 We need the men to remind us of that, just as we remind them that it’s okay to be nice to the other people on the line with us.

    Those Cuttin Crew people are freaking amazing with their insane level of spirit! Maybe at Montrose they’ll set the couch on fire to provide us a bit of warmth as we race by in the freezing cold! 🙂

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