Wanted: Housewife.

I need a housewife.  I spent all weekend doing family related stuff, then racing today and pictures, so I never got around to doing laundry.  Thankfully I put together the makings of a meatloaf in the crock pot before we left this morning, so dinner was practically waiting for us when we walked in the door.  But, I really don’t know when I’ll find the time to do laundry, go to the grocery store, find a halloween costume (!).  I really do need a housewife to take care of these things for me.  🙂

So, the photos from today are uploading right now.  I’ll link as soon as they’re finished.
EDIT: SORRY it took so long to upload that I left it overnight.  Photos are now uploaded. 

Today’s race: I hardly rode this week, in the hopes that time off the bike (and out of the cold!) would help me get rid of this stupid cough that I’ve had for several weeks now.  Fortunately, the cough started getting better, but unfortunately, I have a feeling today didn’t do  me any favors.  However, the cough didn’t get in the way of my race.  I pushed hard, and did okay, finishing 9th.  There were fewer women out this week, but my top ten finish should keep me in the top ten (hopefully!) for the series.  

At one point, I probably could have caught the woman in front of me, but I was pulling so hard on the pedals that I managed to pull right out.  I guess it’s finally time to tighten up the pedals so my feet don’t pull out so easily.  The cheering all around the course helped me keep going, and was motivation to push harder than I might have otherwise.

Congrats to all the other Pony Shop riders who finished so well!


5 Responses to “Wanted: Housewife.”

  1. Eric Nelson Says:

    Great Photos!! Did it take a long time to upload photos last night, the site seemed very slow. By the way is it very nice to meet you.
    🙂 Hope to see you next week. Also great race!


  2. Eric Nelson Says:

    Nice logo on the photos!!

  3. velosnaps Says:

    Shoot! I didn’t even realize that the logo was on there. I forgot to change the settings before exporting bc I don’t like the way the logo looks. I need a version without the colored background. 😛 That’s next on the “to do” list.

    Eric – Nice to meet you, too. Good luck with your first race (next week?)!

  4. KrissyGo! Says:

    Oh man — my dad stayed with me for six weeks around my Ironman. Lemme tell ya: I had a driver, a personal chef, and someone to do laundry…AND IT WAS GLORIOUS! I see why peeps like having housewives, but having my father IN MY HOME for six weeks was kind of a steep price to pay. Eh, maybe it was even.

    ps: glory be the crockpot!!!

  5. Eric Nelson Says:

    First race next week, a big maybe. I may wait until next year, get some more training under my belt.

    But you never know.

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