Anyone know how to put a logo on a photo?  I use Aperture for photo editing, and do not own Photoshop… any ideas?  I’d even settle for being able to just put my copyright info or my website info…

For the record, I am TOTALLY okay with folks taking photos from my blog and reusing them on their own blogs or websites.  I just ask for photo credit (which everyone has been so kind to do already!).  I just get asked this question a lot, so thought I’d throw it out there.  I put the PROOF on the photos on my other site at velosnaps.dotphoto.com to prevent folks from using them without permission or purchasing.  🙂


2 Responses to “Logo?”

  1. Anthony Says:

    I’m not an Aperture user, so take this with a grain of salt. 🙂 I just did some web searching. Depending on the version of Aperture you’re using, there should be the option to apply a watermark when you’re exporting the image. The pdf user manual for Aperture 2.0 has a section on adding watermarks that looks pretty thorough.

  2. velosnaps Says:

    Anthony (Tony?) –

    THANKS! I found the instructions and it worked. I just need to revise my logo to get rid of the blue background and then I’m in business.


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