2008 Superweek – Olympia Fields

I spent the day in Olympia Fields, at a new housing development, for Superweek Race #3. I snapped pics of the Men’s Cat 4/5, Men’s Cat 4, and Masters 30+ Cat 4/5 races. Pics are now posted here.

I can’t wait to read Luke’s run down of race reports from today’s race as I’m sure there are quite a few unhappy local racers. First, the course was less than half a mile in length. On top of that, the races started late so the first two races were cut short (they were just barely half of the originally scheduled length). As one racer put it, “I’m racing half the length, does that mean that I get half of my registration fee back?”

There were quite a few crashes at turn 3, but I missed them all. I caught the aftermath of one crash in the Masters race, but I was so focused on a point just past where the two racers crashed that I missed it actually happening.

Finally, a word of warning for the rest of Superweek. Watch out for the guy setting up barricades. You know, the one with the huge bushy beard. While setting up the course this morning, he was walking along the course while the Cat 4/5 racers were warming up, and almost walked right into two racers as they rounded turn one. He threw his arms in the air and asked “Oh, am I in the way?” He then proceeded to call the racers “fucking assholes” and told the man standing next to him that if “one of these guys hits me, he’d better kill me because I’ll get up and kick his ass.” The man standing next to him saw that I had overheard this exchange and remarked to me, “We’re all at our best on Sunday morning.” I think he expected me to laugh. I didn’t.

Superweek continues throughout this week, but I’ll be working.  Next up for me: ENH Evanston Grand Prix.


One Response to “2008 Superweek – Olympia Fields”

  1. Jim Marsh Says:

    Hi, I am one of the organizers of the ENH Grand Prix and really hope you have a good time at the race and do well. I will be planted next to the start finish line so please feel free to come up and say hi. Thanks for mentioning us in our blog. I have one favor to ask… we are in need of some more volunteers to help marshal the course and make the event go smoothly, we have a solid crew but could always use a little more help, especially from people who know of crits and cycling.

    Please forward the link to our volunteer page http://www.enhgrandprix.com/volunteer.html to anyone who is interested in helping out.

    Thanks and have a great race!

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